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Text or E-mail is best to reach me, happy to voice call with SERIOUS buyers or do a Facetime walk around of the vehicle, but please text me first to set up a time. I work seasonally, and I’m coming up on a few week break. I’d be happy to help with delivery during this time if need-be. Van is located in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Clean/Clear title in hand. No warranty included or implied.

This van started it’s life as a Guide & Outfitting vehicle in Alaska. About 3 years ago it made its way to a dealership in Pennsylvania where I am originally from, which is where I purchased it. I’ve only used this vehicle for 3 large trips, all highway miles, and am struggling to store 2 vehicles with my current living situation. Hoping to pass this rig along to the next person with proper space to store it.

This van is an absolute BEAST! I am 5’8” and it towers nearly 3 more feet above me with the roof rack. Once warmed up, it flies down the highway, up over mountain passes, and through 4x4 terrain with ease. It cruises smoothly at 70mph with ease, and you forget you even have a trailer behind you when towing. It’s an impressively smooth driving vehicle for its size. Suspension makes it a pretty stiff ride when hitting bumps, but when off-road or towing, it is ideal!

The van does show history of its past life as a work vehicle and has lived it whole life in outdoor storage in cold temperatures. The undercarriage is structurally solid, but cosmetically oxidized. There are a few minor dings on each side of the vehicle, where I suspect doors from other vans in the fleet banged against it, as well as a few dings on the hood from a hail storm. They’re all nearly impossible to see unless you’re looking for them.

The door sills are missing paint from people entering/exiting the vehicle, and the 3rd side door has a crack in the corner. (pictured) The bumpers have small rust spots (pictured) where water has collected on them, and there is a ding in the rear bumper where I suspect it was backed in to something. (pictured) The speedometer can be finicky at times, after the van is warmed up and running a while, it’ll show 10mph faster on the gauge than actual cruising speed.

Powertrain and structural integrity are solid on this vehicle, so if you don’t mind minor cosmetic flaws, or perhaps you’re someone ambitious enough to tackle them, this is the vehicle for you. The cosmetic issues have never bothered me, so I’ve never taken the time to address them.

2008 Ford Econoline E-350 Super-duty XL Quigley Conversion

• 39,950 original miles
• 5302.2 Engine Hours
• Quigley 4X4 Conversion

• 6.0 Liter Diesel:
o Unaltered stock engine.
o No tuner added.
o Regular oil and oil filter changes every 5000 miles.
o Turbo fan blades cleaned just before I purchased it.
o Vacuum pump replaced shortly after I purchased it.

• Towing Package:
o Vehicle rated to tow up to 10,000 lbs.
o 2” receiver hitch
o Trailer light plug

• Engine Heating System installed by Truckwell of Alaska:
o Engine block heater
o Oil Pan heater
o Transmission heater
o Plug on front of truck allows it to be plugged in to a standard electrical outlet using an extension cord.
o High Idle Switch under steering wheel will run a series of high idle cycles for faster warming.

• Wheels & Tires:
o Nitto Terra Grappler All Terrain Tires
o 295/70 R17
o Load Range “D”
o 8 Ply Rating
o Just over 3,000 miles on them.
o 17” XD 798 Addict Wheels:
 2 wheels are missing a plastic “mock bead lock”
o Spare tire is a brand new 265/70 R17 all terrain tire mounted to a rusty steel wheel, not pretty, but it’s sealed well, holds air, and will be reliable in case of a flat.
o Stock jack and lug nut bar currently stored under passenger seat.

• Smittybilt Defender Roof Rack rated for 300 lbs. capacity.
• Single 30 gallon fuel tank.
• After-market cruise control added.
• Tinted rear windows throughout for privacy while camping/lounging in van.

Custom Camper Buildout:

Built by Aspen Custom Vans, google search them to see this van and others they’ve done.
This is a totally fresh build, has not been slept in/used, and still smells like fresh wood and other new materials.

• Materials:
o Cedarwood panel ceiling
o Denim R13 Insulation
o Marathon Tweed Auto Upholstery covered panels throughout including headliner.
• Bed:
o Gaucho Style Fold Out Bed, Day-Bed, or Bench
o 3” Mattress Pad

• Storage:
o 5 Large Bins for ample storage
o Storage area doubles as countertop, desk, or table when sitting on daybed/bench.

• Auxiliary Power System:
o Two 12V - 100 Ah Heavy Duty Batteries
o Connected to vehicle alternator for charging.
o Professionally wired system to prevent overcharging or electrical hazard.
o Voltage meter next to switch.
o 4 LED Lights in ceiling & 1 at foot of bed.
o You will never run out of auxiliary power or outlets!

o 4 Separate On/Off Switches:
 Front auxiliary power switch
 Rear auxiliary power switch
 Water pump power switch
 Dimmable LED Lighting Power Switch

o Auxiliary Power Outlets:
 Two 12V Outlets in dash
 Two 12V Outlets in rear storage
 Two USB outlets at front of bed
 Two USB Outlets in rear storage.

• Kitchen/Water:
o 12 V Dometic thermoelectric cooler AND heater, can be used as either depending on your needs.
o Cooler/Heater slides in and out of storage counter, wired in to auxiliary power system.
o Large drawer slides out of rear of van for grill/cooking utensil storage. (Grill not included)
o 12 gallon pressurized water tank in rear with coiled hose.
o Water tank powered by SeaFlo professional water pump, also hooked in to auxiliary power system.
o Female connecter on water tanks allows hose to be connected directly for easy-filling.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Thanks for looking!