Jackson, WY 83001
United States

Category  Outdoor Gear > Summer

Unused, new with tags. Right hand zip, long, 10D ultralight nylon (same as Ghost Whisperer) expedition bag.

Bought it for 395 because MHW warrrantied something of mine but I never used it.

I have had a couple people mention that a out-of-date MHW web page had one listed for $300 or $350. These things are usually a closeout when they have a few oddball items they clear from inventory, and are usually oddball sizes and/or colors like XS or XXXXL clothes...in this case it was probably a few remaining "short" model Phantom bags which they were willing to clear out for whatever price...so FWIW please don't try to compare a long model with a short or whatever clearance price was once offered for a few bags or whatever. It is what it is. Thanks!